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Project Portfolio

Creative Machines is a design & fabrication firm that creates interactive exhibits, ball machines & large-scale artwork. We create objects and environments that encourage creativity, support interaction and transform spaces. Our work is enjoyed in public places all over the world.

We design, prototype, and fabricate interactive exhibits for clients across the globe. Our exhibits focus on the visitor experience – helping people investigate how they see, hear, and understand the world by offering the freedom to create and explore. 


We create monumental and human-scaled sculpture for clients across the globe. We make work that is beautiful at first glance but yields deeper rewards with continued interaction. Our work is rooted in science, perception and history.


We design and fabricate Ball Machine sculptures for airports, hospitals, art museums, science centers, trade shows, and other public spaces. Our Ball Machine sculptures delight audiences through their ingenious devices, colorful themes, and playful movement. 

Ball Machines
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