Here to There allows visitors the opportunity to put brightly colored scarves into a system of clear tubes attached to the walls. The scarves are pushed through the tubes with air blowers that the visitors can manipulate. This tubing system can attach to any wall and can even be placed overhead.

From the first platform, visitors can put their “train” (scarf or fleece ball) in one of the tubes to start their trip. Visitors use the knobs on the diverter boxes to direct the train to their chosen station. When they reach their station the train exits and can be caught by other visitors. The majority of the trains from the second platform travel through tubes overhead with two station exits. In addition, one route from each platform intertwines and exits at a destination within the other system, showing that Here to There trains can move at high speeds near each other without a collision.


This exhibit consists of two self-contained pneumatic systems that intertwine. It has two entry platforms and six stations where the trains can exit. Driven by the power of pneumatics and air, visitors can control where their train goes and where they exit at their chosen destination. Traveling from station to station is amazingly fast, just like on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop system.


Airflow, Motion, Group Play


MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation, Santa Barbara, CA  

Here to There