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Roll It

Located along the length of the museum, Roll It is a fantastic, flexible landscape of perforated wall sections, ramps, and movable racetracks. The perforations are located on all the wall surfaces and also on freestanding workstations throughout the space. The workstations provide a structure that children use to place and connect track.


Workstations are also used to store rubber track and clips that can be used for creating 3D roller coasters and race tracks. Guests can create their own roller coaster with loops and hills, then evaluate their creation by rolling a ball down the track. Small metal buckets are included to create targets for catching balls as they roll off the end of a track section. Small step ladders are provided as a way to add height to the track and for added accessibility for smaller users.


Engineering, Speed, Motion, Tinkering, STEM 


MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation, Santa Barbara, CA  

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