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SeedPods are interactive public art pieces currently under construction for The Woodlands, TX, a master-planned community in the Houston metropolitan area. A total of 5 sculptures will surround the Tinseltown intersection. The sculptures are inspired by abstract plant and animal life forms. The clean exterior pod form belies the internal complexity of the organic shapes inside the sphere. The two openings on either end invite viewers to peer into the artwork and discover the visual wonder inside.

During the day, SeedPods is a pure white form while at night the acrylic glows with vibrant colors. Visitors interact with the sculptures through a touch-sensitive lighting design, which allows them to change the color of the lighting by touching a button. People can cycle through the entire color wheel exploring different hues. Each visitor is able to select a color and have a direct impact on the visual effect of the artwork.

In addition to this commission, the prototype for SeedPods has become an interactive traveling exhibit. The piece has been featured at Spark! Mesa’s Festival of Creativity, the Chalk the Block Festival, the Glow Light Festival, AfterGlow, and the All Souls Procession. The piece continues to be exhibited in different locations.




The Woodlands, TX


6' diameter


powder-coated aluminum, acrylic, LED lighting, touch-sensitive electronics

Commissioning Agency: 

Woodlands Development Company


Joe O'Connell


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