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Linkages + Pulleys

This exhibit is composed of a series of peg walls, boxes, and tables. Visitors are able to use construction sets including pulleys, stretchy bands, struts, bars, joining plates, pins, and straps to construct complex structures. A central component of this exhibit is a vertical build station, which can be a large peg wall or a wall with four mechanisms incorporated into it that perform the following



  • Windshield Wipers: Demonstrates how rotary motion is translated into an oscillating motion

  • Cam: Demonstrates the motion of a ball being pushed using a cam follower riding on an obliquely shaped cam

  • Piston: Demonstrates how rotary motion is translated into linear motion.

  • Geneva Gear: Demonstrates how a constant rotary motion is translated into an intermittent rotary motion.


The versions of this exhibit also include round storage bins, strut storage bins, and wall storage bins to house parts.


Thinkery, Austin, TX

Science North, Sudbury, Ontario

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