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Small Talk About the Weather is a touchstone for the communal sharing of life experiences. In Oklahoma City, the weather is both terrifying and amazing. It is a topic that runs through daily life whether referring to a monumental event or as a topic of casual conversation. The weather becomes a shared experience that ties residents together. The spectacular extremes of the local climate are made visible and interactive in this sculpture.

The sculpture consists of graceful organic geometries that flow and swirl along the length of the pedestrian corridor ceiling. These luminous bands give the impression of abstract weather patterns energetically glowing overhead and offering a stark contrast to the rectilinear geometries of the corridor. The piece features a sensor that enables passersby to control the lighting by waving their hands or playing a video on their smartphone. When used as a gesture controller, visitors have the experience of waving their hands and feeling like they are controlling the wind. When they hold up a device to the sensor, the entire ceiling comes alive and turns into a low-resolution screen that reproduces the colors and motion it picks up from the visitor’s device.




Arts District Parking Garage, Oklahoma City, OK


120' x 16' x 4'


acrylic, ​LED lighting, electronics, optical sensor

Commissioning Agency: 

Oklahoma City Arts Commission


Joe O'Connell

Blessing Hancock

Small Talk About the Weather

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