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The Raceway is an interactive racing exhibit with empowers kids to build a car, test it, and then re-engineer their design to win a race or beat a time. The exhibit begins at the build stations where visitors are able to design their car by picking a car chassis (body of the car), small, medium, large wheels and place those wheels in different locations on the “chassis,” set of weights which they can add to the front or back of the car. Once visitors are happy with their design, they can take their car to one of six tracks. Four of the tracks offer unique “terrains” including hills, turns, and straightaways. The final two tracks are a side-by-side race where visitors can test out their designs against one another. Visitors insert the car into the launcher, pull it back, and release sending the car flying over the track.


energy, force, motion, speed, STEM, design


Discovery Cube, Orange County, CA

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