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Uplifting Together

Uplifting Together is inspired by the intricacies of the human nervous and circulatory systems and the figures of local plant life. The branches, though slightly awkward in their form, ascend upwards with determination, symbolizing the inherent beauty in imperfections. This delicate ascent reminds us that even in our moments of awkwardness and imperfection, we possess the ability to rise and uplift each other, finding strength together.
As a focal point of the Meditation Garden, Uplifting Together conveys the idea of collectively raising spirits, supporting one another, and fostering a positive, uplifting environment. At night, the artwork glows with a soft intensity, evoking the vibrancy of the natural and human world even in the darkest hours. Visitors can rediscover the nuanced beauty of the artwork as each viewing reveals new layers of its inspiring message.




John Muir Health Medical Center, Walnut Creek, CA


46’8” L x 21’6” H x 2.5” D


Aluminum, Polycarbonate (Koda XT), LED Lighting


Joseph O’Connell + Creative Machines 

Fabrication Subcontractor:
Gizmo Art Production

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