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Aurora celebrates the universal connection we all share with the sky. From coast to coast to coast, the rippling dance of colour and light captivates our imaginations as we look up and wonder. From the rolling foothills to rocky tundra, winding rivers and mountain meadows, the sky unites us all.


The sounds of Aurora take us on a journey through the seasons and landscapes of Canada. Listen for the crash of bighorn sheep horns, the call of Canada geese migrating home, or the crunch of polar bear paws on the packed snow. The heartbeat of Aurora is a Blackfoot drum, whose songs echo through the seasons and welcome us to the traditional lands of the Blackfoot people.


Aurora brought together a team of artists with unique perspectives and artistic visions to weave a multi-dimensional experience.





Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Right Side: 24' L x 15' H, Left Side:  10' L x `5' H 



Steel, KodaXT, Lights, Speakers


Joseph O'Connell + Creative Machines
Michelle Atkinson

F&D Scene Changes

Ambient Interactive
Blackfoot Confederacy Drumming

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