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Ball Machine Sculptures delight people of all ages and backgrounds with their swooping tracks, ingenious devices, sound-producing elements, and charming miniatures. Every ball machine we make shares our proven engineering and expresses different themes and sentiments. We have created Ball Machine Sculptures that illustrate many natural and mechanical processes, depict animals and regional attractions, and evoke the motion and emotion of various sports. Today, there are nearly 250 Ball Machine Sculptures located in airports, hospitals, science museums, shopping centers, private collections, and public spaces around the world.


Our Ball Machine lineage began with painter, sculptor, and one of the first American origami masters, George Rhoads (1926-2021). In 2007, Rhoads selected Creative Machines to continue the tradition of his artwork. Today, we design and fabricate Ball Machine Sculptures on behalf of George Rhoads and carry on his legacy by pushing the designs in exciting new directions. We continue to use the techniques developed by George Rhoads in our Ball Machine Sculptures, incorporating his fabrication methods, design elements, and strategies for making reliable, long-lasting sculptures.


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