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Ball Zoo is a playful ball machine sculpture filled with a menagerie of cartoon animals.

The sculpture has three tracks and almost twenty devices that bring the zoo alive through movement and sound. The freestanding sculpture allows viewers to enjoy the ball machine from every angle. The ball machine includes funky polka dot and striped fish swimming among speckled green frogs. Balls zoom along the white track clanking into a series of cheerful sound-producing elements like a Rod Chime Row, Rapid Hit Bell, and a Hammer Xylophone and Chime. The sculpture has a colorful Worm dumper and a wire go-through chicken and turtle. The rosy red frame pops against the room’s neutral color palette.

This ball machine was designed by George Rhoads in collaboration with Rock Stream Studios.




Driscoll Clinic, Brownsville, TX


4' x 4' x 6.5'


George Rhoads

Ball Zoo

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