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Based on Balls is an entertaining ball machine sculpture with a baseball theme inspired by the Arizona Diamondbacks. The sculpture uses two different sized balls, includes four tracks and almost fifty devices.

When the machine is in-motion a ball bounces down a xylophone stair playing “Take me out to the Ball Game.” Another ball hits a paddle, rings a bell, and activates a sound box, which yells, “You’re out!” A miniature batter swings futilely at a ball that flies through the air from a Loop-the-Loop into a catcher. A ball zips along the track causing a crowd to do “The Wave” and whizzes through a snake that swallows the ball. A Dumper drops a load of balls down a set of bleachers, zooms around miniatures of a hot dog, peanut, and cleated shoe before flying through a Catcher’s open mouth.

This ball machine was designed by George Rhoads in collaboration with Rock Stream Studios.



Chase Field Ballpark, Phoenix, AZ


10' x 10' x 41'


George Rhoads

Based on Balls

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