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Belong is a 7-foot diameter site-specific sculpture for Centris Federal Credit Union Headquarters and 15th branch location in Omaha, Nebraska. It is made of marine grade stainless steel and LED lighting. A button on the side of the sculpture can be pressed to control the lighting colors. The sphere’s shape invites people to circle around the artwork to ‘read’ the personality and attitude of each silhouette.

As credit union members and visitors to the building approach the artwork, they see that the sphere is covered with a series of silhouettes. Each silhouette is drawn to convey an emotion or attitude toward life. Public spaces are all about looking at the silhouettes of others and judging their feelings, receptivity to contact, their past, their station in life, and what they are currently thinking, and this sculpture gives people lots to look at and figure out.

The silhouettes illustrate an imagined array of members of the credit union community. Some members are engaged in their favorite hobby or pastime, and others perform a recognizable job in the community. All members display a unique personality or attitude, yet all belong and are important to the whole.




Centris Federal Credit Union Headquarters, Omaha, NE


84” diameter sphere


Steel, LED Lights


Joseph O'Connell & Creative Machines

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