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Bernoulli Worktable

With the Bernoulli Worktable, visitors control four powerful blowers that draw air up through openings in the exhibit cabinet to suspend balls in an upward-moving stream of air. The blowers are activated by pressing a push-button at each of the four stations and the speed of the blowers (amount of airflow created) is controlled by turning a knob. The air streams are directional, and the visitor is able to adjust the reinforced flexible tubing to move the ball around in mid-air.

Additionally, the flexible tubing has various nozzles that can be attached to the ends to alter the air stream. Adjusting the nozzles and airflow will enable the visitor to discover the proper combination of variables that allow for the suspended ball to be lifted and carried through a hoop and slowly brought back around to its starting point without falling.


Bernoulli's Principle, Airflow, Physics 


California Science Center, INSPIRIA Science Centre 

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