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Bloom is a group of fourteen colorful kinetic sculptures hung in the stairwell of the Alexian Brothers Women & Children’s Hospital. Composed of vibrantly colored petals, the sculptures evoke child-like representations of flowers and stand out against the glass atrium setting. The monumental scale of the installation creates a sense of wonder for all visitors.

Each ‘bloom’ is connected to a motor and slowly rotates creating kinetic movement that draws the eye upward and activates the otherwise-static lobby space. These hybrid blossom-pinwheels create a vibrant and hopeful image celebrating the life and renewal associated with new flowers in springtime. The artwork gives visitors a sense of joy even in the hospital setting.

A panel on the railing allows visitors to control the spinning pinwheels through touchpoints. The chance to control the movement of the pinwheels enchants children and adults alike.




Alexian Brothers Women and Children's Hospital, Hoffman Estates, IL


sizes vary


colored acrylic, steel, electronics

Commissioning Agency: 

Alexian Brothers Health System


Joe O'Connell

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