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Build it, Test it, Race it

Build it, Test it, Race it includes three components that work together to provide opportunities for children to practice important STEAM elements such as inquiry, testing, tinkering, observing, measuring and sharing their theories with others.

Visitors can design and build a vehicle at multiple work stations and then race it on the track where speed and acceleration will be measured and displayed on a screen. Children can then adjust their design and rebuild the car to make it travel faster down the track. They can also change the shape of the track to introduce another variable. Tinkering, building, testing, and rebuilding teaches important aspects of the scientific process, a key science standard. During the Build it, Test it, Race it process, children learn invaluable engineering and design skills.


Building, Engineering, Aerodynamics 


MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation, Santa Barbara, CA 

Exhibit concept designs provided by Gyroscope Inc.

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