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Calliope Borealic was inspired by its location in Anchorage, Alaska. The sculpture contains houses and mining carts that reference the nearby Kennecott Mine, formerly one of the biggest copper mines in Alaska, but closed in 1938 and became a popular ghost town. Within the tracks, visitors will see a white “nodding” polar bear that reflects local wildlife.

This interactive ball machine contains four different tracks and visitors are able to interact with the sculpture by retrieving balls and moving them to six different locations. Visitors can also turn a knob and release balls into the Loop-the-Loop. The inside of the machine has devices such as a Rock Back, Chaos Wheel, Dumper, and musical elements like a xylophone bar and bells. On top of the ball machine is a 6-foot tall moire wheel.

This ball machine was designed by George Rhoads in collaboration with Rock Stream Studios.



Anchorage Museum, Anchorage, AK


14.5' x 9' x 3'


George Rhoads

Calliope Borealic

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