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Din Don was created in 1992 for a shopping mall in Kobe, Japan. At 22 feet high, the sculpture was designed to be larger than life and is located in a vast atrium. The sculpture was placed near the main entrance of the shopping center in order to greet guests and set a tone of excitement and fun.


In 2016, Creative Machines was called to refurbish the iconic sculpture. The sculpture was disassembled and shipped to Creative Machines in Tucson, AZ. The ball machine was then modified to increase reliability, provide additional safety, and draw more attention. This design and fabrication work was approached in a way that captured the original essence of Din Don as designed by George Rhoads. With this recent restoration, Din Don will continue to amuse and entertain audiences for years to come.


1992, 2016

Kobe Harborland umie, Kobe, Japan


8' x 8' x 22'


George Rhoads

Creative Machines

Din Don

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