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Dream About Shirasagi shows an egret (shirasagi) circling the sky, appearing to children in dreams and leading them to Himeji castle, a UNESCO landmark in Himeji, Japan. Like a dream, the movement of each ball is random and its path unpredictable. The viewer is meant to imagine themselves in the sculpture and enjoy the dreamlike adventure.

The sculpture delights people of all ages and backgrounds with its swooping tracks, ingenious devices (that transform the movement of the rolling balls), sound-producing elements, and charming miniatures. In Dream About Shirasagi, there are three separate tracks for the balls to travel along. They move through devices such as a Bounce & Catch, Jiggle Pin Board, Hammer & Chime, Rock Back, Vee Bounce, and Spinning Ferris Wheel. Devices that are unique to this sculpture include wooden organ pipes that play low resonate tones and a handcrafted miniature of Himeji Castle.




Japanese Railway, Himeji Station, Himeji, Japan


9.8' x 6.6' x 6.6'


George Rhoads

Creative Machines

Dream About Shirasagi

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