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Le Reve de Newton is a visual exploration of the concept of energy located in the interactive Pass Museum in Frameries, Belgium. This compelling Ball Machine Sculpture sits at the entrance of the museum’s latest exhibition, “Energy, the New Dreams” and welcomes visitors into the space. The exhibition creates the opportunity to explore the world of energy, asking people to investigate the science hidden within our everyday lives and dream of new ways to consume, experience and share energy.

Le Reve de Newton features a number of devices that explore these specific themes. For example, the machine includes a chaos wheel, which takes balls spins them around using their own energy and releases them in a different location. It also features a dip fall in which a ball rolls back and forth until it loses energy and falls on to the track below. The sculpture includes a number of classic devices as well such as left-right switches and sound-producing elements like hammer bells and wooden blocks for the ball to jump down. The balls, track, and devices in this sculpture are dynamic examples of how energy is conserved, transferred, and transformed.




Le Pass, Frameries, Belgium


8' x 1.5' x 9.5'


George Rhoads

Creative Machines

Le Reve de Newton

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