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Lenses is an illuminated architectural façade wrapping around the parking garage of the Scottsdale Quarter. The piece is a subtle image operating at a monumental scale created by a pattern of CNC-cut polycarbonate panels offset from each other and bolted to a steel sub-frame that extends from the concrete parking structure. 


The circle pattern is an abstraction based on the concept of optical lenses, which transmit and reflect light pulling images into focus or blurring them into fields of color. During the day, the art manifests the sense of a lens through gradients of color reflecting motion and change captured in two dimensions resulting in a colorful visual landscape. At night, the façade comes alive with an array of computer-driven LED wall washers which act as a lens transforming light into a dynamic panorama of color, swiftly changing hues with each passing glance.

The art functions as a contemporary landmark for the City of Scottsdale while aiding in pedestrian and motorist wayfinding during both the day and at night. The colored panels shade and diffuse any direct sunlight entering the garage during the day, and the glowing facade adds ambient light for increased visibility at night.




Scottsdale Quarter Parking Garage, Scottsdale, AZ


200’ x 5’ x 30’


steel, acrylic, LED lighting, electronics, touch sensor

Commissioning Agency: 

Glimcher Realty Trust


Joseph O'Connell & Creative Machines


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