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Lookout Tower

Located on the rooftop, Lookout Tower is a collection of viewing instruments that allow visitors to explore a new way to look at their surroundings. 

Lookout Tower consists of the following viewing instruments: 



A teleidoscope is a type of kaleidoscope that rather than displaying small objects inside the end of the scope, takes the view in front of the scope and modifies it with a series of mirrors to create a unique pattern.



The telescope allows people to see much farther into the distance than with the naked eye.



Thermoscope allows the viewer to see in the infrared range. They use thermal cameras to see the temperature of objects in the surrounding landscape.



Periscope splits the vision of each eye up higher and offsets to the left and right, resulting in the observer obtaining an otherwise obstructed field of view. 


Speed Tracker

Speed tracker allows the user to point the crosshairs at a moving object, and the speed that it is going will be displayed in the view.


MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, Santa Barbara, CA

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