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Magnetic Island

This exhibit is comprised of three multi-level “island” tiers that have strong magnets at their center. Visitors build organic bridging structures and forms using simple washers that are attracted to the magnets.


Each “island” consists of a hammered stainless steel dish with two columns. Each column has two strong neodymium magnet rings and three stainless spacers. The ring magnets are the core of the exhibit, allowing visitors to build off the center columns with oversized ferrous washers. Visitors can build their magnetic washer structures in a variety of directions and can even bridge between columns and islands. Washers are stored in the tiered dishes as well as in the base of the exhibit.  This simple exhibit allows for collaborative building efforts, and the multi-level layout engages visitors of all ages and sizes. 


MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, Santa Barbara, CA

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