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Main Street Ballroom sits in the lobby of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Headquarters in Rochester, New York. The ball machine welcomes visitors into the space with its charming sound-producing and dynamic devices.


Made up of two distinct sections, upper and lower, Main Street Ballroom contains a wide range of classic devices, such as pendulum switches, hanging rod chimes, a woodblock series, and bounce & catch baskets. The lower section contains all of the track. Each of the three tracks within this ball machine sculpture contains 3-5 devices that interact with the rubber lacrosse balls. The upper section contains three motorized rocking wands that work independently to provide a more visual experience to passersby. The blue color scheme corresponds with the Blue Cross Blue Sheild colors and the cool-toned lobby, while the complementary yellow elements provide a visual contrast within the space, calling attention the ball machine sculpture as its own entity.


This ball machine was designed by George Rhoads in collaboration with Rock Stream Studios.




Blue Cross Blue Shield Headquarters, Rochester, NY


18’ x 5’ x 5’ 


George Rhoads

Main Street Ballroom

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