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Mindball is a fun and interactive exhibit that tests focusing abilities. Visitors have the opportunity to challenge an opponent in a mental competition. The goal of playing is to move the giant overhead ball towards your opponent’s side until it reaches the end.


Each side of the table features a headset that players press their foreheads against to play. After pushing the start button, each headset begins to read the visitors’ EEG signals. Mindball then computes the EEG signals into a score. As readings are taken, the large overhead ball begins to move towards the visitor with the lower score. Players can see their progress through a small window on the tabletop that has a small metal ball moving back and forth, and onlookers can see progress through the movement of the large overhead ball. Once the ball reaches one side, the game is over and is ready for a new competition.


Mental Strength, Concentration


MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, Santa Barbara, CA

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