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Mirror of Thoughts is a stainless steel sphere composed of bands featuring multi-lingual words, phrases, and symbols representing the diverse demographics of Rockville, Maryland. Located at a busy street corner, the piece acts as a marker drawing residents and visitors to the nearby Town Square- guiding them through space with color and light. The sculpture operates at a distance as a monumental form but also rewards close scrutiny over many visits, thereby maximizing the potential for interaction and discovery. As people study the surface of the sculpture, their wandering eyes naturally bring to mind unintended phrases formed by juxtapositions of words.

The simple geometry and gentle curve of the sphere offers an organic contrast to the surrounding architecture. The curving bands in the sculpture are water jet cut, hammer formed and welded together to create a three-dimensional lantern. The interior of the sphere is powder-coated light blue, adding subtle color and visual interest during the day. At night, intense point-source LED lighting brilliantly illuminates the sculpture and projects intricate and colorful shadows on its surroundings. The lighting brings the sculpture to life and paints the sidewalk with color. The lighting automatically cycles through different colors creating a dynamic experience. The sculpture also includes a touch-sensitive button, which allows visitors to adjust the colors of the internal LED lighting.




Rockville Town Square, Rockville, MD


8’ diameter


powder coated stainless steel, LED lighting, touch-sensitive electronics

Commissioning Agency: 

Foulger-Pratt Development, LLC


Joe O'Connell

Mirror of Thoughts

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