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OdysSea is a unique three-dimensional table-top ball machine that features many classic devices also found in most larger ball machines.

Once triggered, the manual switch feature of this machine releases a ball onto the track. The ball travels along a single track until entering a Left-Right Switch, which then directs the ball onto one of two different tracks. The ball then travels along, entering and activating the corresponding devices of each track. Balls entering the first track will enter a Loop-de-Loop, tap a Chime, and a run across a set of Xylo-Chimes. Balls following the second track will hit a bell, then fall, enter the Bounce and Catch, travel down the helix of the Catch basket, and follow along the winding track until reaching a small portion of the track that sends them in a zig-zag motion back and forth.

As balls finish their sequences, they will gather at the bottom and wait until the viewer moves them back up to the top to start over again. Unlike many other two-dimensional table-top Ball Machines, OdysSea’s three-dimensional track sequences provide a more lively and exciting experience for viewers.

Currently available for purchase. 


35'' x 25'' 


George Rhoads

Creative Machines


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