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On Display is a series of three glowing enclosures that are inspired by window shopping displays. By interacting with these sculptures the visitor is highlighted within the illuminated frame and becomes the object of interest. In this piece, we are celebrating the South Broadway business district by putting the public ‘on display’. These highly interactive sculptures encourage social collaboration and self-expression as each display is a unique shape and provides an opportunity for interaction and engagement.

The series offers a stage for creative expression by encouraging people to freely show off in public. The project alters the perception of public space by questioning what is on display, who is the participant and who is the audience. Each sculpture is brilliantly lit with color-changing LEDs, transforming each space into a personal stage. The shape of the sculptures invites visitors to reach, stretch, bend and pose to best adapt to the surrounding form. The intense colors encourage people to walk through the displays and spend time in them. As they do, they will notice that they become the object of display.

On Display can be enjoyed both day and night. Each display is made up of acrylic with pops of color added either by a powder-coated stainless steel wrap or a layer of colored acrylic. During the day, sunlight streams through the acrylic walls creating a diffused glow of color and shadow patterns, adding visual interest to the streetscape. The stainless steel scrims contain imagery inspired by the surrounding antique district. In the evening, touch-activated sensors trigger localized light patterns creating powerful sources of color for the surrounding area.




South Broadway, Denver, CO


5' x 7' x 2'


stainless steel, acrylic, LED lighting, electronics, touch sensors

Commissioning Agency: 

Denver Arts & Venues


Joe O'Connell

Blessing Hancock

On Display

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