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Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom is a large-scale detailed shadowbox featuring a wide variety of animals found in Reid Park Zoo, a prominent local zoo in Creative Machines hometown of Tucson, Arizona. The animals live in three linked ecosystems formed by the letters ‘ZOO’ and invite human interaction by providing places to sit among them for photographs. Our goal for this artwork is to help visitors form positive memories of visiting the zoo, see themselves as part of the animal kingdom, and develop empathy for all life forms and how they are interconnected. Peaceable Kingdom also creates a landmark for the zoo and aids in the placemaking goals of the park as well as in pedestrian and motorist wayfinding. 




Reid Park Zoo, Tucson, AZ


30’ L x 2’4” D x 11’ 1/2” H


Stainless steel, laser-cut powder-coated stainless steel, LED lighting, electronics, Line-X

Commissioning Agency: 

Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona


Joe O'Connell

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