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Pebbles and Trees

The Pebbles and Trees design elements are part of the exciting transformation of the 15,000-square-foot center court at Hawthorn Mall into an outdoor-themed environment or “central park.” The design elements include lighted tree column wraps and lighted, interactive pebble stepping stones. Each of the 20 pebbles is capable of displaying a color as well as acting as an input device by registering a visitor stepping upon it. The lit tree branches display a multitude of colors down their lengths, allowing for more varied visual effects. Each pebble has a unique default color that it tends towards when not being directly driven by user interaction. The lit branches tend towards white.

When no pebbles have been actuated for 10 seconds, the lit branches and pebbles both undergo subtle fluctuations in brightness to provide visual interest without being overwhelming. Stepping on a pebble causes a ripple effect to be displayed across adjacent pebbles as well as a burst of color on the trees. This project was a collaboration with Graycor Construction and Stantec.




Hawthorn Mall, Vernon Hills, IL


Pebbles are 18.75” W x 8” H


Steel, LED Lights, Frosted acrylic pebble top secured to PVC pebble housing

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