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Artwork Featured on CultureNOW Museum Without Walls

Recently, many of our pieces including Ballroom Luminoso, Fish Bellies, Utah Bit & Mine, Cyclorama, Bike Church, Desert O, and more have been added to CultureNOW’s Museum Without Walls, an online mapping project. The most exciting part of their system is the incorporation of GPS technology via an iPhone app that creates a guidebook to Museum Without Walls.

CultureNOW describes their project as: dedicating itself to celebrating our vast cultural environment as a gallery that exists beyond museum walls through cultural tourism and arts education. CultureNOW believes that the three facets to understanding the world around us are art, architecture and history. Mapping these empowers the public to better visualize the place they live in making it a powerful tool to understand the richness and diversity of a community.

Learn more about the project by visiting the website:


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