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George Rhoads Art Expo Sale

In 2007, artist George Rhoads partnered with Creative Machines to manage, design, fabricate and represent his world-famous Ball Machine sculptures. Through this partnership, we continue to develop new fabrication methods, design elements and strategies for making engaging and long-lasting sculptures. In addition to being a renowned kinetic artist wowing audiences around the globe with his whimsical sculptures, Rhoads developed a love for painting and origami.

During the weekend of June 15-16, 2019 in Ithaca, NY over 100 paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures for sale to the public. Please join family and friends this Father’s Day in celebrating a lifetime of artwork by grandfather, father, brother, and prolific Ithaca artist George Rhoads!

Saturday June 15, and Sunday June 16th, 2019 11am – 7pm Closing Reception: Saturday June 22, 4 – 6pm @ The Widget Factory 220 Cherry St, Ithaca, NY 14850

For appointments/inquiries contact Chip Chapin (917) 685-5907 /

“George Rhoads is a ‘visionary’ painter. He uses images not to tell us something about his visual sensations, about the way his eye responds to seen objects, or to tell us something exclusively about himself, about his personality, as the action painters seem to do; he presents us with a way of viewing and of imagining, that is, of thinking about and of dealing emotionally with ‘reality’. . . I think it is art of a high order.”

-William Steig

“Of the infinite ways of seeing the objective world, I subjectively choose those that move me in ways clear to me but impossible to translate in words from the language of painting. These are not necessarily the pretty, the spectacular, the dramatic, the mysterious, or the memorable, but may include any of these. I strive to convey my intangible world by means of the tangible. I let paintings paint themselves without knowing exactly where I’m going until I get there. I see something that seizes me—a cloud formation, light on water, trees against the sky—and that becomes the first step into a painting. Then I grope and feel my way, following the vision and emotion that first inspired me.”

– George Rhoads


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