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Quiet Quest

Visitors to Quiet Quest interact with this exhibit by entering an enclosure and attempting to walk across a crunchy gravel path as quietly as possible. This exhibit is an adaptation of the Exploratorium’s Out Quiet Yourself.

Visitors enter the enclosure by walking up the stairs on the right of the exhibit. Directly in the line of sight is a button that visitors press to start the exhibit. Once they’ve pressed the button, they walk across the gravel pit as quietly as they can. There is an array of microphones below the gravel pit that pick up the sound of visitors walking across the gravel. The exterior of the exhibit offers a viewing window at the height of the gravel so that so outside viewers can watch as the occupant walks along. Visitors are then given a score based on the decibel volume they produced during their walk. Finally, the score is displayed on the monitor on the front of the exhibit to entice other visitors to participate.

Exhibit concept designs provided by Gyroscope Inc.




MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation, Santa Barbara, CA  

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