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Ring Launcher

Ring Launcher features three electromagnets that are visible through an acrylic vitrine. Atop each electromagnet is a rod extended up to the top of the wall. Each rod has an aluminum ring around it, resting just above the electromagnet coil. When the button on the front of the exhibit post is pressed, the three rings are launched up the rods and fall back down to be launched again. By pressing the button on the front of the exhibit post, the guests cause the three electromagnetic coils to energize momentarily, inducing a large current in each of the three styles of aluminum rings. The energy of the coils causes a strong counter electromagnetic field that shoots the rings up the rod to various heights. Once they reach their peak height, each ring immediately falls back down for another launch. Each ring is a different shape and thickness to illustrate how different weights and thicknesses are affected by the electromagnetic field.


MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, Santa Barbara, CA

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