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River Continuum Triggers

River Continuum is an interactive media expression of the amazingly diverse life in and around the Delaware River. From the smallest phytoplankton to fish, birds, bears-even humans- River Continuum places them all in a moving, changing ecosystem. To create this varied view of the river, visitors must physically activate the experience by engaging with the five input stations provided. Visitors interact with simple physical “trigger” stations installed on five pedestals; such as rolling a ball, spinning a ‘paddle-wheel’, blowing through a tube, or striking a drum.

When users provide input to the trigger stations, feedback is provided by white LEDs installed around the physical mechanisms, with the light brightness being proportional to the input level. As users activate the trigger stations, life in the river begins to build. Trees grow, grasses wave, eels wriggle, mussels appear, butterflies and birds swoop about. As visitors collaborate to build diversity, special “surprise moments,” like an explosion of butterflies or a sudden rush of migrating fish or burst of ship traffic, are triggered that take over and wash across the wall. The more the visitors work together using the input stations, the more wonderful moments of delight they will discover.


Water Conservation, Ecology, Cause + Effect 


Independence Seaport Museum​, Philadelphia, PA

Projections and projection screen by Blue Cadet.

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