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Science on a Roll is a unique machine that was originally created for the Tech Museum of Innovation in 1990.


This monumental ball machine contains 5 motors and uses 2.25 diameter Billiard balls. There are 30 balls that travel through the different tracks. Since this machine was inspired by technical innovations, it contains many devices that others do not. One of the motors powers the ball lifter and the pendulums, which runs whenever the machine is in operation. There is an Elliptical Gear motor and Two Sprocket Device motors that are energized by switches enabled by certain mechanisms when the balls are traveling by. There is also a mechanized 6 ball dumper that relays information to certain switches throughout the machine eventually causing all of the balls to dump back onto the track. This sculpture has been housed both indoors and out. At one time, it was integrated into the entrance staircase outside of the museum.


This ball machine was designed by George Rhoads in collaboration with Rock Stream Studios.




The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA


12' x 4' x 16'


George Rhoads

Science on a Roll

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