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Shimmering Sea is a wind-activated kinetic sculpture composed of an array of polished stainless steel discs adhered to a fenced bridge in Tempe, AZ. Each of these discs is suspended from just above its center of mass so it will move with the wind. Arranged in this faceted array, the polished discs create a rippling surface similar to the surface of water. The polished discs reflect a pixelated version of the sky and surrounding architecture down to viewers on the ground resulting in an ever-changing art piece that will be compelling for viewers upon each visit. The discs are laser cut from 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. They are arranged on vertical pickets of the bridge in a wave pattern that further reinforces the idea of motion.




The Watermark, Tempe, AZ


stainless steel

Commissioning Agency: 

The Watermark 


Joe O'Connell

Shimmering Sea 

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