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Sound Machine is an interactive audio-kinetic ball machine sculpture. Living up to its name, Sound Machine features a variety of sound-producing elements that attract visitors’ attention. Some of these devices include bells, a cymbal, wooden blocks, and a xylophone. The ball machine sculpture is composed of two sections that visitors can walk through; this gives visitors the chance to gain a unique perspective, similar to what they would see if they were inside any other ball machine.

Sound Machine provides visitors with the opportunity to manipulate the track through interaction. This can happen 2 ways: by spinning a handwheel or turning a knob. Lastly, Sound Machine features three electronic light columns that give this ball machine a modern look. This fully immersive experience is something completely unique to Sound Machine and something we hope to incorporate in future ball machines.




MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, Santa Barbara, CA


7.5’ D x 10’ H


George Rhoads

Creative Machines

Sound Machine

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