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Stream Table

In Stream Table, water falls from a reflecting pool, flows through a special sand-like substance, and creates beautiful patterns before being filtered and pumped into the reflecting pool again. Left on its own, the water will produce river deltas, a shifting river bed, and even oxbows. When visitors dig in, they create dams, jetties and other civil engineering projects.

We have chosen a mix of recycled plastics in five different grits for the sand-like media. Each grit is a slightly different shade and settles at a slightly different water velocity, producing beautiful and instructive patterns. Not only does the plastic grit produce patterns on a smaller scale than sand or gravel, but it harbors fewer bacteria because it is smooth on a microscopic level. The circulating water passes through an ultraviolet filter to kill germs and is automatically replaced with fresh water as needed.

Exhibit concept designs provided by Gyroscope Inc.


Anchorage Museum, Anchorage, AK

Bergen Science Center, Bergen, Norway

Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo, NY

Connecticut Science Center, Hartford, CT

California Science Center, Los Angeles, CA

Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver, CO

Discovery Science Center, Santa Ana, CA

Explora Science Center & Children's Museum, Albuquerque, NM 

Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, NJ

Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI

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