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Standing just over 40 feet tall, Sweet Morning Love Tower sits directly on the atrium floor of the Aekyung Department Store in Seoul, South Korea. The lower section is enclosed with scratch-resistant Plexiglas while the upper section is open. This ball machine operates with billiard balls running down four separate tracks. The balls travel through the machine encountering many whimsical devices, such as the wok, bounce & catch, loop-the-loop, stairway chimes, sound pendulums, etc. Melodious sounds fill the room when balls pass over the xylophone bars, hit the hammer chimes, bounce on the woodblock, or interact with the other sound-producing elements.


Atop the ball machine is 2 large rotating shapes and a rotating vertical helix with a ball hanging from a chord that introduces more movement throughout the entire piece. Sweet Morning Love Tower is a piece that demands a considerable presence in the space in which it exists. It can be viewed from a distance but also draws people in through complex yet intimate interactions when the piece is viewed up close.


This ball machine was designed by George Rhoads in collaboration with Rock Stream Studios.





Aekyung Department Store, Seoul, South Korea


10' x 10' x 41'


George Rhoads

Sweet Morning Love Tower

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