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Texas Rising is a three-dimensional exploration of a five-pointed star. It consists of five sculptures in the courtyard of the West Village Campus and two star chandeliers hanging in nearby archways. The sculptures in the courtyard show a single geometric form (a stellated dodecahedron) in different stages of development and rising out of the ground. The fully expressed form with eleven points is located in the center of the oval adjoining the green. This star stands at a truly monumental 18 feet in height. As you walk around the sculpture the Texas lone star is visible within the artwork’s form and on each of the points. The two chandeliers hanging in the archway also show the fully expressed star having risen entirely out of the ground.

Taken as a group the stars rising out of the landscape into their complete form suggests the educational journey of students, the evolution of Texas Tech, and the coming-of-age of the entire state. Each star has a unique 2D pattern cut into the surface. These patterns abstractly represent the university’s values, culture, alumni, academic achievements and traditions.

During the day the stainless steel stars glisten in the sun providing a place for students to gather. At night, intense point-source LED lighting casts intricate shadows around a much larger space than the sculptures themselves occupy. The 2D patterns glow making the imagery come alive with changing colors. We hope students will take inspiration from this idea of projection when they see the sculptures create large swaths of intensely patterned light around them.




Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX


(Large) 21’ diameter, (Medium) 8’ diameter, (Small) 6’ diameter, (Chandeliers) 5’ diameter – 7 total


stainless steel, LED lighting, touch sensor

Commissioning Agency: 

Texas Tech University


Joe O'Connell

Texas Rising

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