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Through Other Eyes

This sculptural pavilion invites visitors to see through the eyes of other people. Ten sets of eyes, drawn from a diverse group of area residents, are rendered in colored glass and encircle the top of a small stainless steel pavilion. The eyes are abstracted and represented as an array of lens-like colored glass pieces, each of which passes color. The larger pieces invert the view through them. Together the ten sets of eyes capture the inner life of a range of people with different life experiences and at different points in their lives. The pavilion they watch over is intended to be an inviting place for people to meet each other, hold a small yoga class, or stretch before a walk. A suspended light fixture projects an abstract pattern of an iris onto the ground at night.




Lawrence Police Headquarters Park, Lawrence, KS


15’ 3” Diameter x 18’ 7.5” High


Stainless Steel, Glass spheres, LED Lighting

Commissioning Agency: 

City of Lawrence, KS


Joseph O'Connell & Creative Machines

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