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Located at Morris Plaza in Mesa, Arizona, these sculptures encourage interaction by inviting visitors to touch, lean on, sit, look through, and gather around. During the day, the acrylic picks up sunlight and glows softly. Each translucent piece allows light and shadows to show through the volumes. At night, intensely colored LED lights inside each sculpture make them glow brightly and ethereally. Each sculpture has a waterproof pushbutton that allows visitors to adjust the color of the lighting. With complete control over each sculpture, visitors are empowered to establish the look and mood of the Plaza during the evening.


The sculptures are constructed of frosted acrylic panels held together with stainless steel hardware and illuminated by waterproof LED fixtures. Twilight Garden has been placed near a very popular Valley Metro Rail Stop within the Morris Plaza, where people of all ages can enjoy the sculptures at any time of day.




Morris Plaza, Mesa, AZ


Various sizes, 4 sculptures total


acrylic, stainless steel, LED lighting, electronics, push button

Commissioning Agency: 

City of Mesa


Joe O'Connell

Twilight Garden

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