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Wandering Stars is a pair of interactive sculptures located at the Cushing St & Granada Ave streetcar station in downtown Tucson, Arizona. Part of the Sun Link Streetcar construction project, the goal of the sculptures was to create a unique piece of art to define the stop among the twenty-two stations along the route and to respond to the unifying artistic concept of flow. The sculptures offer a colorful, chaotic ‘swarm’ of star elements that invite interactivity and celebration. The ‘flock’ of triangular forms are frozen in motion and elevated on columns that frame the west and eastbound stops.

During the day, the bright orange steel frame creates a dynamic form soaring over riders’ heads. At night, the frosted acrylic within each triangle glows with different colored LED lighting. Each sculpture contains a touch sensor, which allows visitors to interact with the piece. When pressing the button, visitors can cycle through different colors and initiate a process in which adjoining triangles influence each other. The visitor selects a color and watches as it moves from one triangle to another creating a vibrant ‘flow’ of color and light patterns throughout the work.




Cushing St & Granada Ave Streetcar Stop, Tucson, AZ


West Bound Stop: 11'8" x 7'3" x 17'5"

East Bound Stop: 31'2" x 12'6" x 17'10"


steel, acrylic, LED lighting, electronics, touch sensor

Commissioning Agency: 

Tucson Pima Arts Council


Joe O'Connell

Blessing Hancock

Wandering Stars

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