Water is Life

Water is Life is a site-specific outdoor sculpture that celebrates the essential role water has played in the history of Broomfield, CO. From a distance, the sculpture is a large water droplet made of marine-grade stainless steel with a dull rubbed finish. Cutouts on the surface of the droplet depict the front range, groundwater, water flowing on the surface, snowflakes and both native and cultivated local plants that rely on water. As evening comes every day, the sculpture is lit from within by a point-source light fixture that casts illuminated shadows on the ground nearby. A button allows visitors to change the color of the piece. 




Broomfield Community, Broomfield, CO


96” x 60.5” 


stainless steel, electronics, touch button, LED lighting

Commissioning Agency: 

City of Broomfield


Joe O'Connell