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Water Play

In Water Play, users experience the properties of water and experiment with water flow and blockage in a large stainless steel basin. Water flows constantly down a gently sloped surface in the basin. A variety of objects are available for the user to build embankments, channels, and dams to divert and block the water flow. There is a pinwheel that will spin when placed in the current and several small boats, fish and crayfish that will float (or move along the bottom) and swirl around in the eddies created by the dams. Pieces are meant to represent either solid or permeable materials. 

The water is filtered before getting recirculated by a particulate and ultraviolet filter, as well as a copper ion generator to help kill any germs. Water levels are controlled by a micro-controller to prevent overflow in the event of large dams.


Waterways, Fluid Mechanics


Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Inspira Science Center, Grålum, Norway

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