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Wild Children of the Sea

Wild Children of the Sea is a set of three sculptures that feature childlike drawings, welcoming visitors to sit and enjoy the space at the Inventa Towers courtyard. The design features collage of creatures that display a beautiful contrast of shadows around and below as the sun moves across the sky. Monsters like these are never totally foreign. They derive their power by distorting familiar features or combining features found separately but not together in nature. By combining strangeness and familiarity, they dive deep into our imagination. Children know this and experiment with monsters in their drawings – daring themselves to recombine the stuff of the world in new ways. This assemblage of childlike drawings of monsters is a reminder that the nature that surrounds us is not yet completely known.

See Wild Children of the Sea featured in the Inventa Towers Real estate video tour by Zen Lens.




Inventa Towers Plaza, Silver Springs, MD


Each sculpture is approximately 75”long x 54” wide x 94” high


Stainless steel



Joseph O'Connell + Creative Machines

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