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Wind Lab

Using a variety of body styles, wings, and tails, guests can build an array of custom flyers with the Wind Lab exhibit. The building set includes 10 body styles, 22 wing styles in 6 colors, and 6 tail styles in 6 colors. Once a flyer is constructed, the nosecone can be inserted into a magnetic coupler on a stand in front of the wind tunnel blower cowling. A  button on the tabletop will turn the blower on for a set amount of time (one minute works well, but the time can be adjusted by museum staff). While the blower is on, the air is pushed through flow straighteners and out the front of the cowling.

Depending on the body and wing combination, the flyers will lift off and either sway side-to-side and up and down or remain stable in flight. The blower will stop automatically to allow for the next guest to use their design.

Exhibit concept designs provided by Gyroscope Inc.


Thinkery, Austin, TX

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