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Wings Over Water

Located outside of the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, this monumental kinetic sculpture was inspired by the theme of migration which is one of the governing metaphors behind the architectural re-design of the convention center. The sculpture makes the connection between human and avian migration thereby reflecting Houston’s diverse population and the idea that people come to Houston to have a better future.

The sculpture is composed of two massive wings that beat continuously, creating a sense of progress and movement, which truly reflects Houston's cultural and spiritual associations with hope. The piece also represents the connection between the environment and the urban landscape which is a unique and beautiful part of Houston, Texas. The merging of the migration metaphor with a mechanical system embodies Houston’s unique integration of the natural world with the man-made. In addition, the intricate structure of the wings references Houston’s aerospace heritage. The massive scale and dynamic movement have turned the sculpture and fountain into an iconic destination of Downtown Houston.

Wings Over Water is a part of the City of Houston Art Collection.


2016, completed


George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX


70' x 25' x 30'


aluminum, stainless steel, electronics, stamisol fabric

Commissioning Agency: 

Houston First Corporation, Houston Arts Alliance


Joe O'Connell

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