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These two stainless steel spheres incorporate meaningful phrases based on the United States legal system, creating a site-specific interactive experience for those who pass in front of the courthouse. Phrases laser-cut into the spheres include “We the People,” “Equality Under the Law” and “Access to Justice.” Each sculpture is fitted with a touch-button that allows visitors to change the colored LED lights in each sculpture. At night the colorful projections paint the surrounding atmosphere with ethereal colors that both activate the space and draw attention to the mission of the building. During the day, sunlight passes through the sculptures, creating overlapping shadows on the ground nearby.




Entrance of Howard County Circuit Courthouse, Ellicott City, MD


Two spheres, 5’6” diameter and 3’6” diameter


Steel, LED Lights

Commissioning Agency: 

Howard County Government


Joseph O'Connell & Creative Machines

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